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Spain's Dibba Avalon F1

Spanish F1 Dibba Avalon Seeds

Packaging: 100g

79.35 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Specifications of the Spanish Dibba Avalon

• Vegetative growth: very strong and can be grown in open lands. It can also be grown hanging inside greenhouses. The length of the plant reaches a height of 3.5 meters

• Production: abundant and early, as production begins after 55-60 days from planting.

• Longevity of the plant: extending from 100-120 days.

• Fruit shape: The fruits are cylindrical, green, shiny, 35-40 cm in length and 7.5-8 cm in diameter, with few seeds during the period when the fruits are fit for consumption.

• Recommendations: It is preferable to plant it at a distance of 1 meter between the plant and the other, and 2 meters between the rows, and it can be planted most of the year.

• Disease resistance: good resistance to downy mildew.

79.35 SAR
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