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Large volcanic stone for hydroponics

10 kg / 18 liters

23 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Large volcanic stone for hydroponics

The volcanic tuff is a pozzolanic soil rich in silica that is beneficial for plants and has natural and environmentally friendly properties that make plant growth a distinctive and safe process.

Its features and advantages:

Improving agricultural soil and rationalizing irrigation by reducing water into the soil holes.

Fights the presence of weeds and kills pests and insects significantly.

It contains silica and some minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorous, proxene and olefin.

It naturally promotes plant growth, increases soil fertility, and is a successful alternative to organic manure.

It is characterized by being cheap in price compared to other fertilizers, and it does not interact with natural factors such as heat and moisture, and is not perishable.

Areas of use:

It is used as a successful alternative to fertilizer and added to agricultural soil directly.

It is used as an integrated agricultural medium alternative to soil.

Used in decorations such as vases, seedlings, greenhouses and fish ponds.

It can be used in several areas due to its health and environmental friendliness, and its heat and moisture insulation properties.

23 SAR
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