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Kwik Bite fly repellent indoors

Packaging: 350 grams

132.25 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Pesticide properties:

Quick Bite granules is a new pesticide specialized in combating flies, produced by Bayer Environmental Sciences. It contains the active substance imidaclopride in addition to a material that attracts flies. The method of action of the active substance is completely different from other pesticides, which makes the Kwik Byte exterminator the ideal in the fight against flies that have acquired immunity against phosphorous and carbamate pesticides.

How to use :

1- Sprinkle: Spread the required amount of granules on dry, flat surfaces (corridors, window edges, flat dishes).

2- Grease: Mix 200 grams of the contents of the package with 150 ml of water. Apply it to the surface with a brush on the places where the flies are standing. The pesticide can also be applied to a piece of cardboard and placed in the places where the flies are located.

132.25 SAR
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