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I love Jackie F1

Jackie's F1 Spanish Hail Seeds

Package: 500 seeds

138 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Jackie's F1 Seeds Spanish Striped


  • A medium-early hybrid of Crimson Sweet cultivars. high output
  • Its strong plant with a medium vegetative complex that protects the fruits from the sting of the sun.
  • Fruits are oval, elongated, medium to large in size, weighing 18-20 kg
  • Light green with dark green stripes.
  • The pulp is red, firm, sweet in taste, with a special flavour. The seed pods are small in size.
  • Suitable for open cultivation and under plastic tunnels.

Disease tolerance

  • Tolerant to Fusarium wilt disease, strain 1 and 2, as well as anthracnose.

Planting date:

Suitable for spring planting.


Germination rate: 98%

Purity: 99.9%

138 SAR
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