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Complizal liquid fertilizer

Packaging: 1 liter

32.20 SAR
VAT Inclusive

the description:

Complizal liquid compound fertilizer

It contains plant nutrients and trace elements, major, minor, major and minor

To grow crops and improve their production through the vegetative system and roots thanks to the additives

And the stimulants included in the composition of the fertilizer, the absorption rate is very high and its phenomena appear

Quickly, especially when symptoms of deficiency appear

Improves the color of the leaves and gives them a special shine and does not leave

Traces or spots on the leaves Improves flower growth and fruit formation Regulates the pH of the spray solution Possible to spray by

All sprinklers or modern irrigation devices because it is in the form of chelated and equipped for direct absorption of the plant

Suitable for all crops and in all weather

Climatic mixable with most pesticides


It is used as a supplemental fertilizer by spraying

Vegetative collection and spraying on the soil to prevent or remove the symptoms of nutrient deficiency in plants Fertilizer

A compound that contains major and minor elements and is suitable for use as a foliar fertilizer

As well as for addition through the soil

32.20 SAR
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