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Appamk 1.8%

Packaging: 1 liter

86.25 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Abamic 1.8% is a spider and insecticide in the form of emulsifiable concentrate

Active ingredient: abamectin 1.8%

• Features:

- A broad-spectrum acaricide with effective resistance to some insects of the Diptra family, effective in reducing thrips and aphids. It is effective as an intestinal poison and has less effect through contact, as well as the ability to permeate the leaves of plants.

• Usage:

Eggplant, zucchini, melon melon, lettuce, cold pepper, cucumber, potatoes, fruit trees, diets, strawberries, ornamental plants • Notes:

1. To combat spiders, spraying is done at the beginning of the infection.

2. To combat tunnel makers, spraying is carried out at the beginning of the infection.

3. The spray and solution pressure must be sufficient to cover all parts of the plant including the lower surface of the leaf - well sprayed.

4. To ensure long efficacy:

a. Apple: mixed with 0.25% paraffin oil for spiders (spraying after the petals fall off).

NS. Citrus: mixed with 0,5% paraffin oil.

NS. Grape: mixed with 0.25% diffuser.

5 . Spray no more than two sprays of apple and grape and three sprays of citrus in one cycle.

6. Do not spray more than twice in a row and must be exchanged with other pesticides.

7. Do not spray when the temperature is high.

8 . It is not recommended to use this substance on cloves (ornamental plants).

9 . It is not allowed to graze livestock in the treated areas before 28 days have passed since spraying

86.25 SAR
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